• Our View: Lisa Madigan deserves to keep her job

    She wants to be re-elected. Her reasons are simple: She loves her job and she thinks she’s been effective. We agree and endorse her for another term as attorney general.

    It’s hard to beat Madigan’s accomplishments, experience and enthusiasm for the office. She is endorsed.

    Freeport Journal-Standard Editorial Board, October 30, 2014 
  • Editorial: Endorsements for Illinois Governor and other Constitutional Officers

    Attorney General Lisa Madigan has led a non-ending, aggressive effort to back the interests of Illinois consumers against Illinois companies on such issues as electricity rates, phone cramming, cell phone fraud, identify theft, debt settlement, etc. In a major ethics reform, Madigan spearheaded legislation that prohibits private meetings between Illinois Commerce Commissioners and utility company representatives. Madigan helped to create the A.G.’s Public Access Counselor to reinforce compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. Madigan has earned another term. Madigan is endorsed.

    The Illinois Observer Editorial Board, October 29, 2014  
  • Endorsements for statewide candidates

    Seeking her fourth term as attorney general, the highly capable Lisa Madigan runs strong on her own now and is perceived as the likely winner in her contest against Schimpf. Given the effective manner in which she's run her office, Madigan has earned another term in office.

    The News-Gazette Editorial Board, October 29, 2014 
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