• Our View: Madigan deserves to keep her job

    She wants to be re-elected. Her reasons are simple: She loves her job and she thinks she’s been effective. We agree and endorse her for another term as attorney general.

    It’s hard to beat Madigan’s accomplishments, experience and enthusiasm for the office. She is endorsed.

    Rockford Register Star Editorial Board, October 31, 2014 
  • General Election Endorsements: Re-elect Madigan, Kinzinger

    [T]he attorney general continues to prove she is an independent force against crime. She works closely and effectively with state's attorneys and local law enforcement; her task forces are keen in fighting sex crimes, corruption and protecting consumers.

    Vote for experience. Re-elect Lisa Madigan.

    The Rock River Times Editorial Board, October 30, 2014 
  • Election 2014 Endorsements

    Incumbent and Democrat Lisa Madigan has served as attorney general since 2003.

    In that time, Madigan has worked to protect consumers, fighting overbilling from utility and cell phone companies; brought relief to homeowners facing foreclosure; investigated and developed evidence against corrupt officials; expanded protection for seniors and for victims of assault, abuse, and crime; fought discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, and disabilities; worked to expand veterans’ rights; filed suit against polluters and championed environmental legislation; and worked to make sure uninsured patients receive healthcare.

    Lisa Madigan has turned out to be a very good attorney general, fighting for issues vital to this community. She deserves another term.

    Gazette Chicago Editorial Board, October 30, 2014 
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